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Rayvolts Energy Private Limited, the rapidly expanding EPC company located in Aruppukottai, Tamil Nadu, specializes in Solar and Project Management Module Structures, LED Lighting Solutions, and Civil & Environmental Engineering.

Our team of experts in solar, engineering, management, and construction provides the insights and guidance essential for your project's success

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Our Offerings

Rayvolts Energy specializes in commissioning and executing turnkey solar projects of any scale, managing the entire process from concept to completion to meet the custom requirements of our clients. RVE provides solutions for residential, commercial, industrial, and utility-scale projects.


The primary responsibility of a solar consultant is to assess solar investments both technically and commercially, offering the necessary guidance for companies to make informed and strategic decisions.


Solar rooftops refer to solar panels installed on the roofs of Commercial, Institutional or Residential buildings. This setup is also known as a Solar rooftop Photovoltaic system.


Ground-mounted solar panels offer a solar solution that can be easily implemented in a spacious yard or   Field, Installed directly on the Ground .


Module Mounting Systems, also known as solar module racking, are employed to securely install solar panels on various surfaces such as roofs, building facades, or the ground.

Technical Solutions

RVE is actively engaged in the Servicing, Maintenance, and Repair of Solar Panels, Rooftops, and Ground-Mounted Installations.

    Positive power output tolerance
   Excellent efficiency and long term reliability
    100% EL tested before and after lamination
    Good performance under high temperature and low                    irradiance conditions.



We are an integrated engineering company, consisting of agile and experienced engineers proficient in solar engineering work


Maintain or restore the quality of environmental media through preventing the emission of pollutants

Health & Safety

Safety is one of the highest priorities within RVE. It is imperative that everyone follows the policies and guidelines to ensure their own safety and the safety of others around them.


RVE Empowers the people to power the nation. We Emphasis on quality, world class Engineering and ensure performance guaranty.

500+ MW Installed 5+ Branches in India 170+ Projects Done

Work with Big and Small

"All the guys on your team were great to work with. I would highly recommend RVE Solar Power for it's professionalism and courtesy."

By Customer

"Appreciate the excellent attention and service Rayvolts Energy Solar Power provides its customers."

By Customer

"RVE solar was professional from start to finish. I’ve already referred people."

By Customer

"Great Job! I am looking forward to the savings!"

By Customer

"The overall experience from initial contact through project completion was enjoyable!"

By Customer

Our Clients



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