Questions to ask when
you’re choosing a solar installer:

We know you’re savvy and this might go without saying but please be sure any solar installation company you’re talking to is answering these questions…otherwise, you’re not talking to the right installer!

✔  What system size should I choose for the most savings?
✔  What are my financing options?
✔  How will this work with my utility company?
✔  What kind of metering options does my utility company offer?
✔  What will my power bill look like post-solar?
✔  Will you be inspecting my roof?
✔  Do you offer a way for me to check in on my energy production and energy use?
✔  When will I start seeing a return on my investment?
✔  How are your warranty claims handled?
✔  What if my solar power system doesn’t generate as much energy as anticipated?
✔  Are you available to come to my home if I need help or have questions?
✔  Do you have a list of at least 3 references from previous customers?

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